[SOLVED:] RDP exits immediately after connecting …… Windows Server 2008 R2


Dear All,

Today I went through an interesting issue which I feel should be shared with you all guys.

On one of windows2008 R2 server when I tried to take RDP I was getting login box which asks for user credentials and when I was entering valid username and password, RDP was getting closed automatically.

I tried for both local login and domain login same case was happening with both logins, so searched on google favourite search engine of most of us but didn’t have success.


  1. Taken remote of another server of same domain with domain login
  2. Opened services.msc
  3. Right click and select “Connect to another computer”
  4. Entered IP address of remote server “of which RDP getting Exists”
  5. In services I have checked services related to RDP as below

  1. Made automatic to REMOTE ACCESS CONNECTION MANGER and Started it

Now I tried to take RDP and thanks god it worked J


Prashant Deshpande



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