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Realtime folder Sync

File synchronization is commonly used for home backups. The automatic process prevents copying already identical files and thus can be faster and save much time versus a manual copy, and is less error prone

There was an urgent requirement of real time synch otherwise the clients would get ERRROR page in IE if they click on event button for which we have configured Web Farm.

To fulfill the requirement searched a lot on Google and tried so many options which were giving real time folder synch but they were requiring not to log off ( those were desktop application ) so tried to search a software which can run as service to overcome he logoff barrier.

Found a powerful and light resource consuming software DSynchronize.

We need to select Source for each of the destination .

This software has both the options

  1. Realtime sync
  2. Run as service



Prashant Deshpande





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SQL SERVER :- T-SQL to find column from Entire Database


Today there was need of finding one column from entire SQL server Database and drop it from all tables to get it done used below Queries

SELECT tab.Name AS Tablename,

AS Schemaname, AS Columnname

AS tab

sys.columns col ON tab.OBJECT_ID = col.OBJECT_ID


BY Schemaname, Tablename;

The above query has given the details of all tables which contents the specified column

After that the command is

ALTER TABLE <Tablename> DROP COLUMN <Columnname>

Has removed the column from all tables of entire database.


Prashant Deshpande

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