[Solved:] Column count of mysql.proc is wrong while….. creating Stored Procedures

Dear All,

Recently I faced one issue with MYSQL, the issue as below

We are having MYSQL 5.1.49-community edition on one of our server and we have installed MYSQL 5.5.31-community on new server.

Restored all databases backup from MYSQL 5.1.49-community edition to MYSQL 5.5.31-community, after restoration all databases were in place with data in tables except Stored procedures and functions and when we tried to create new database it was giving error

Column count of mysql.proc is wrong……

Checked on internet and all blogs were saying to execute command MYSQL_UPGRADE but we I execute the command it was showing MYSQL is already upgraded and error was same.

So I tried a new way to overcome the scenario , Installed MYSQL 5.5 on my system and copied MYSQL database from my system to server where I was getting error and error gone I was able to create Stored procedures and functions so synched all procedures and functions from MYSQL 5.1.49-community server to MYSQL 5.5.31-community.


Prashant Deshpande






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