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[ FIX: ]Visual studio getting hanged


While opening any project in VISUAL studio it may get hanged and we need to kill the task from Task manager.Even after killing task for several times project doesn’t get opened.

This issue is related to Temporary files which can be resolved by deleting files from %TEMP% path.If we want such issue should not occur in future for any of the system in network we can do below tweak

  1. Logon on domain controller
  2. Create a .CMD file as


    @echo off

    Del %temp%\*.* /s /q /f


  3. Save it in sysvol folder ( logon script )
  4. Open Group policy management console
  5. In users configuration :- windows settings à scripts à: LOGON script
  6. Select the .cmd file

The issue will not occur in future.



Prashant Deshpande




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