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[Solved]: SQL mirroring error 1488, 1499

Dear All,

While configuring Mirroring on SQL server I was getting a message “Alter Database failed ….” Error no 1488

As below


So searched a lot on internet, but didn’t got success as all blogs were point that the database is in single user mode in reality it was wrong as my database was in multi_user mode

So I dug and got the solution, it  is very simple.

On Mirrored (secondary) server the database files were not having permissions for the user from which the SQL service was running and the same user I was using to configure mirroring too.

Steps followed

  • Stopped SQL service on Mirrored (secondary) server
  • Given full control to the user from which the SQL service is running
  • Started SQL service

On principal server now clicked on start mirroring and the mirroring is configured successfully


Prashant Deshpande


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