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There was an error while performing this operation IIS 7.5

Dear All,

Faced one new issue while shifting websites from one IDC to AMAZON cloud, I have configured websites as generally we configure and set the application pool also

When I was trying to open any feature from feature panel of that website it was giving error

There was an error while performing this operation in IIS 7.5


The error message was blank so it was very difficult task to identify the error as nothing was getting on net also.

Checked permissions and found permissions were as required so tried to browse the website  but here also it was showing below error from which we couldn’t get the exact cause of error


There was no option for getting the exact error code / message which will help to troubleshoot , followed below steps to identify the cause

  • Opened Web.config and started removing tags one by one like removed <httphandlers >, <httpmoudles>
  • Still same error
  • Removed custom error tag
  • Still same error
  • Removed <applicationInitialization doAppInitAfterRestart=”true” />
  • Error gone away and website started browsing

After checking for the tag details came to know it is for Optimizing Application Initialization Module for IIS and for make website running along with the tag inside web.config we need to install

Application Initialization Module for IIS 7.5 extension on Server

Downloaded and installed it from , then added the above tag and website started running.


Prashant Deshpande


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How to handle transaction rollback in progress. Estimated rollback completion

Dear All,

On one fine morning when I saw on one of our database server , SQL full weekly backup job was running since 8 hours , which was a very higher side as the database size was small so checked for SPID and given kill command for that SPID .

The message came was “command executed successfully” in background the killed SPID went in transaction roll back state.

Message shown once I tried to kill again the same SPID was

“SPID 87: transaction rollback in progress. Estimated rollback completion: 0%. Estimated time remaining: 0 seconds “

The same message was coming even after 15 mins , now the question appearing in my mind was how to forcefully stop this SPID.

I know all things works in MSSQL is with threads, each thread has different work so if I could get the thread I can kill the thread to stop the rollback process.

Thread id can be seen in SQL by using

“select spid, kpid, status, hostname, dbid, cmd from sys.sysprocesses”

Here in the query KPID is the thread id which is getting controlled by Operating System

Now the part of Operating system begins from where we can kill the thread from its ID , in OS to get the read id we will have to make use of sysinternals tool PROCESS EXPLORER .

In process explorer right click on SQL server Process, in Properties tab we can see the threads running we can sort by thread is and kill any specific thread which si KPID in background for SQL server .

Please take proper precautionary measures before doing this activity on production server.


Prashant Deshpande


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