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Change Old Computer to new in SQL Server

Dear All,

From the Beginning while working on one of our Production Database server we are usually getting and error as below , this error was coming because when the server was Installed the computer name was ‘QASISDB1‘ and after installing SQL Server it was renamed to ‘OASISDB1‘.

But in SQL server even after changing the Computer name it always refers old computer name and because of which following type of error use to appear on screen .

To resolve the error following steps can be used

  1. Open New query windows


    This command will show output as below in which it will show the old computer name which it is referring



  1. To change the old computer name to correct (new) computer name first we will need to delete the old computer’s information




  1. After successful removal of old computer name we will have to add the Corrected (new ) computer name as







Prashant Deshpande



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Action Alert popup for Disc Burning

Dear All,

Somehow once I have removed CD from DVD writer before writing the data on CD because of which on every restart I was getting a popup balloon as ” You have files waiting to be burned to Disc

And when I tried to click on that balloon it was asking for Blank CD and even after inserting blank CD it was not getting burned and the error was use to occur every time.

To resolve the issue followed the steps

  1. Start -> Run and type following command
  2. shell:cd burning

it will open following screen


Select all the files from the opened folder of Windows Explorer and press “shift + Delete

The issue got resolved.


Prashant Deshpande

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Copying files from GAC ( c:\windows\assembly)

Dear All

It is really painful to copy files from GAC (Global Assembly Cache) usually located at C:\WINDOWS\assembly. If you right click on any of the assemblies in the folder you only get the option to view properties and to uninstall that assembly. But sometimes it happens that you have no other option other than copying it from GAC. Here I have simple workaround applying which you can copy the assemblies from the GAC.  
Here’s how to do that

  1. From Start Menu >> Run, then type cmd press Enter. This launches command prompt.
  2. In the command prompt type the following command

    subst P: C:\windows\Assembly

The above command creates a virtual drive “P” which maps to the folder C:\Windows\Assembly . Note if your Assembly folder path is different do change that path in the command.

Now open MyComputer and then the drive “P”. Now you do all the operations that you do on the normal filesystem.

Now if you ever wanted to remove the drive “P” then run the following command in the command prompt


The above command removes the virtual drive associated to the GAC. 

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