[SOLVED] Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer….

After uninstalling SMTP server feature on windows 2008 R2 Server, asked for restart, so restarted the Server and after long time ( approx 1 Hour wait) server has not restarted.

Ping was working fine, but RDP was not working.

On the server console below text was getting displayed.

Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer.



So done below tricks to make server operational.

  1. Taken remote of another server of which user name and password is same as of SERVER A
  2. Opened services.msc , connected to server A
  3. Come to know WINDOWS MODULES INSTALLER Service is in Stopping mode

    And was not allowing to stop or start from services.msc of Server B



  4. If we hardboot server , there was chance of windows OS crash.
  5. Opened properties of WINDOWS MODULES INSTALLER service to check for the command getting executed for this service


  1. The executable for the service was


  2. Now searched for remote task manager and downloaded from


    this tool allows to connect to remote system task manager



  3. Right click on the above executable and select option kill
  4. The server was shown below screen


10 ) And restarted the server J



Prashant Deshpande






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117 responses to “[SOLVED] Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer….

  1. Aspasa

    Brilliant! Thank you so much Prashant.

  2. Jon Jones

    Damn, that’s my exact problem, only thing is I get access denied on trying to kill the trustedinstaller.exe! Logged on as domain admin… Hmm, not sure what I can do now. It’s a SQL box, really don’t wanna just cold reset.

  3. Jon Jones

    I kept trying to kill the process, used taskkill and pskill also… Everything reported an error but something must have worked as it’s now working normally again, unless it timed out!

  4. Bill

    Thank you so much! Worked perfectly!

  5. Dave S

    Thanks. Just the post I needed. Server was stuck on update 1 of 3 and process was stopping but hung there. I killed the Windows Module Installer process with the remote process tool and the server rebooted immediately. Upon reboot it came up to the installing 3 of 3 screen which counted up to 100%, rebooted itself then back to the installing 3 of 3 screen again which hit 100% then ended up to a login.

    Remote Process tool just went into my library of network tools. Thanks again

  6. bckelly99

    Thanks for this tip. Extremely helpful.

  7. Lena Groisman

    Thank youuu!
    Also can be done by running taskkill (sysinternals):
    taskkill /S hostname /IM trustedinstaller.exe

  8. Sai Prasad

    This was a boom !! i was dealing with an Exchange Server hosting 800 mailboxes..This was super awesome and loved it 🙂

  9. thank you this is very useful..I will reblog this..

  10. You’re a legend! This was an extremely helpful post. Thank you.

  11. Brandi

    Thank you so much. This helped a stressful situation be resolved with no problem, and helped me to know that it was time to take action once I saw the service was in “stopping” status. Also, “pslist” and “pskill” are the remote tools I used (PSTOOLS from Sysinternals way back, now MS I believe) to kill off the correct process for TrustedInstaller.

  12. George

    Thank you!! Had the same problem here. From another computer used “taskkill /S hostname /IM trustedinstaller.exe”. When the Windows Modules Installer service stopped, the server shutdown, restarted, and detected the failure and automatically restarted again. Two restarts. But then everything was okay.

  13. Peter S

    Thanks Prashant Deshpande, this was very useful…I killed the Windows Module Installer process with the remote process tool and the server rebooted immediately. Upon reboot it came up to the installing 3 of 3 screen which counted up to 100%, rebooted itself then back to the installing 3 of 3 screen again which hit 100% then ended up to a login !!!!

  14. Shaun

    Great advice

  15. Albert

    Thank you! That worked for me. I had a remote server that was stuck like this. After checking in services that the Windows Modules Installer was stuck indeed, I applied the command that George mentioned here “taskkill /S hostname /IM trustedinstaller.exe”

  16. Bill Kana

    Brilliant, Thank you!

  17. Jack H.

    I was waiting for over an hour thinking it was legitimately doing something before I figured something was wrong. I googled searched the problem, found your blog post, tried your suggestions and the machine rebooted. Thanks!

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  19. aaron

    You just saved me from an onsite support call today! Thank you so much 🙂

  20. Wazzhandje

    SOLVED my problem on a Windows Server 2011 SBS after installing 61 Windows Updates and rebooted the server. Actualy i used the Kaseya portal we have to manage this server, to kill the process……… (C:\windows\servicing\trustedinstaller.exe was not able to kill the process)

  21. Thanks, this saved me from trashing a database server!

  22. Josip B

    great solution, helped me a lot!!! used pskill, other task killers did not work

  23. It looked like it would work and I went to try it, but as soon as I plugged my NIC in to the LAN, it fixed itself.

  24. Al Orihuela

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…. You ROCK!!!

  25. chaz

    Thank you very much. MS Updates on an SBS 2011 server was locked up after reboot request.

  26. David Ferrare

    Nicely Done.. Just did this for a server.. I did not want to have to rebuild it, and this saved my behind.

  27. Marc

    Thanks for taking the time to write your solution, helped me tonight. Glad there is people like you!

  28. Jackie

    Thank you! Thought I was going to throw up!

  29. Christoph Hannappel

    thanks that solution saved me a lot of trouble

  30. Kenny

    a big Thanks! Saved my day!

  31. Anderson

    Thank you very much. It saved my weekend!!

  32. Okay. This is apparently the post that keeps on giving. 3 years later, and I’m in with a hearty thank you, too.

  33. Cathy

    Thank you VERY much. This was exactly the information that I needed to resolve my issue.

  34. Kevin

    Just want to say thank you!

  35. Erik

    You just saved me a ton of work.
    Big thanks!

  36. Moyo

    Thank you very much, you saved a lot of my time !

  37. Ed

    After a full day of research on this issue due to a Windows update, your article saved the day for me!!! In my case, it wasn’t the Windows Modules Installer process that was stuck in the starting state, but a third part database tool (Pervasive SQL 11) that was stuck due to a dot net upgrade from Microsoft on the pile of updates the previous day. I was able to kill the process as you described, completely remove the database tool, and reinstall it with the correct patch.

  38. Thank you really, it was great, but only I want to know if I am starting this service again, what will happened, many updates are failed and I want to know how can I run this service and update my server,
    Thanks again

  39. Mohan Kumar

    Thanks a lot for the useful solution.

  40. Kevin

    Thank you. Exactly my issue and worked perfectly. I used the sysinternal pslist and pskill tools available from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb545021.aspx

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  42. anonymous

    Great article!. Thanks.

  43. Greg

    Fantastic article, that was my exact problem. Followed your instruction and my server restarted and finished installing the updates.

  44. Mars

    I had the same problem and this worked for me. Thanks a lot for posting this, Prashant!

  45. Sameer

    Thanks Man. Worked for me too. In Remote Process Explorer, We were able to right click on the computer and change credentials using the Edit option. which took care of Access Denied Error. Thanks again…

  46. Doyle

    You are my hero! Thank you so much!

  47. blakito

    Simply perfect. Thanks for the post! I had to turn off the “Check state” of Remote Process Tool on Preferences > General, because my server wasn’t responding to ping anymore and the tool refused to connect. Best regards

  48. Ian

    Fantastic – thanks so much – saved my bacon!

  49. Brandon

    Came into work in the morning and thought I would reboot the database server since it has needed a few updates for a while. Had about a 20 minute ideal interval to do so, and of course it freezes. After about 40 minutes of watching the console, I decided to look for other options. Had to get it back up before 8am when other people start. Followed the step by step instructions, within about 60 seconds the server reboots and after about 5 minutes the server is back up. This saved me! Thank you for posting this!

  50. Thank you! No one wants to power-cycle a DC!

  51. Alex

    Yes, agree with others. You are awesome! Thank you for sharing this!

  52. Sat

    Thank you very much Friend!!!

  53. Mottie

    This can be done without installing external software as well as follows:

    sc \\computername queryex TrustedInstaller

    taskkill /s computername /pid /f

  54. Anonymous

    Thanks for writing this up. I followed the instructions and you saved ma a lot of time.

  55. padmanaban

    Great Prasahant, Its worked for me ,stand into the same situation while upgrading integration tools on hyper v 2012.
    You same saved my time.

  56. Raj

    Dude, thanks a lot. I soiled my pants several times before finding/trying this! You saved my life!

  57. punknpunt

    Exactly my issue and worked perfectly on 2 2008R2 Datacenter servers I was patching tonight. Thanks much!

  58. Mobin Qasim

    Thanks a lot….. it worked like a charm!

  59. harme

    You save my life

  60. Outrune

    Thank you so much, perfect solution! Seems like a very common problem!

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  62. Thanks for sharing this, worked for me!

  63. James

    Fantastic tip, saved me a headache with a remote server

  64. Brilliant, thanks! Just saved me a degree of stress at the thought of cold booting a clustered SQL box 🙂

  65. Andrew Foo

    TYVM! worked a treat!

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  67. Vipul

    Worked perfectly !! thank you so much …….

  68. Lakshmanan

    This helped me, that’s great. Thank you

  69. sahlr

    Thank you. This helped me

  70. jhn


  71. bode

    dude!!!! saved my bacon. You are a GENIUS!!!!!

  72. zack

    Brilliant. I ended up using Sysinternals PSKill. But just the process got me out of a jam. Thanks man

  73. John

    i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you

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  76. Dave

    Thanks, that did the trick.

  77. Jim K

    Thank you! helped me too.

  78. Matt Leson

    This post is still saving people 🙂 This time it was my main file server, looks like I’m going to get home in time for supper thanks to you!

  79. sandeep

    Thanks it works…

  80. Robert

    Thanks Prashant!!! This worked perfectly. 🙂

  81. Thomas

    Thank you, worked flawlessly.

  82. Nabin lama

    Thank u prasant……👍👍👍👍👍

  83. I like this website so much, saved to my bookmarks. “American soldiers must be turned into lambs and eating them is tolerated.” by Muammar Qaddafi.

  84. Bas

    thank you so much!! you’re a lifesaver!

  85. A. V

    This definitely helped out a lot! Thank you!

  86. Sebastian S

    Thank you very much for this perfekt guid!!!!

  87. Mcbet

    Thank a lot You save my …..

  88. You are my Hero today, you saved my day so much.

  89. fine article,it is useful to me and others

  90. Achille

    Thanks!!! My production server was getting crazy because of this!

  91. Rich Enroth

    Saved , ! Would have had to drive 1 hour to reboot the server, instead did it remotely with your instructions Prashant.

  92. Delugas

    You can also try to kill a TrustedInstaller process on a remote machine with taskkill or pskill: http://www.sysadmit.com/2016/10/windows-preparando-no-apague-el-equipo.html

  93. Satnam Rakhra

    Big Thank You …..

  94. Jerry

    Brilliant!!! Worked from a domain connected workstation. For those getting access denied errors either logon that workstation as a domain admin or run the the program as another (shift + right click – Run as another user)

  95. Vinayak Gurav

    Thanks it works

  96. Ronnie

    Ronnie Glavin
    Another thanks

  97. Mohammed Khalid

    Excellent, Greak Work, Thank you!

  98. Bro, Thanks so much for the article it saved my day…

  99. Just Networks

    Awesome. Hard to believe your article was posted in 2011 and that this issue is still biting people. You saved me from a 2 hour drive and not having to hard reset a Windows Server 2016. I was able to use sysinternals pskill to stop the offending task. Thank you!

  100. This is super, crazy brilliant!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! You saved me from a possible chaos!

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