unable to set chkdsk ran once flag

Dear All,

One of our laptop with OS windows 7 started continues rebooting , issue was laptop was getting rebooted because chkdsk was failing and error was below

It was for C: drive on which OS was residing .


so rebooted laptop in safe mode and checked event log is it related to physical disk issue but event viewer was not having any disk related issue entry in it.

i was knowing it s a dirty disk issue but as it was OS partition chkdsk /r /f command ws not getting executed ” needs reboot ”

So used below trek.


opened regedit  in safemode

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

In the right pane, Changed value of BootExecute from autocheck autochk * /. to autocheck autochk *


Started Laptop by placing Windows OS CD and from boot menu elected to boot from CD , then pressed Shift+F10 key  once you receive Instal l screen and oi got command prompt opened .

Step 3 

executed fsutil command to check disk

fsutil query c: < drive letter of laptop OS partition >

Volume F not dirty


now jump on differnt drive letter ( i.e. out of OS partition drive )  and execute chkdsk /r /f C: < drive letter of laptop OS partition >

it got 5 steps checking


step 5

removed CD and rebooted laptop from laptop disk.

it started with out any issues

then again executed fsutil

Volume F not dirty - Copy

All started well , and issue resolved


Prashant Deshpande










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5 responses to “unable to set chkdsk ran once flag

  1. Vishwanath

    How to open in safe mode when there is no option to open it in safemode?
    By performing above solution ,will i lose my data!?

  2. Martin

    Thank you very much for your detailed and easy to follow steps!
    Problem resolved.

  3. saleha

    sir will i loose my data or not?

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