unable to set chkdsk ran once flag

Dear All,

One of our laptop with OS windows 7 started continues rebooting , issue was laptop was getting rebooted because chkdsk was failing and error was below

It was for C: drive on which OS was residing .


so rebooted laptop in safe mode and checked event log is it related to physical disk issue but event viewer was not having any disk related issue entry in it.

i was knowing it s a dirty disk issue but as it was OS partition chkdsk /r /f command ws not getting executed ” needs reboot ”

So used below trek.


opened regedit  in safemode

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

In the right pane, Changed value of BootExecute from autocheck autochk * /. to autocheck autochk *


Started Laptop by placing Windows OS CD and from boot menu elected to boot from CD , then pressed Shift+F10 key  once you receive Instal l screen and oi got command prompt opened .

Step 3 

executed fsutil command to check disk

fsutil query c: < drive letter of laptop OS partition >

Volume F not dirty


now jump on differnt drive letter ( i.e. out of OS partition drive )  and execute chkdsk /r /f C: < drive letter of laptop OS partition >

it got 5 steps checking


step 5

removed CD and rebooted laptop from laptop disk.

it started with out any issues

then again executed fsutil

Volume F not dirty - Copy

All started well , and issue resolved


Prashant Deshpande










  1. How to open in safe mode when there is no option to open it in safemode?
    By performing above solution ,will i lose my data!?

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