[Solved]: Enable Multithreaded Downloading from Glassfish /Tomcat server

Dear All,

We had a requirement to enable multithreaded downloading from a website which is configured in glassfish and tomcat on Ubuntu 12.04 server

Tried a lot on internet to search for such requirement but didn’t get any solution, as I know in IIS to do such thing we need to add in handler mapping settings.

We can do the same from Glassfish’s domain folder you will see one more folder as CONFIG in that one file “default-web.xml”. Open the file and add below in it and save.





Now stop and start the domain.

same lines needs to be added in Web.xml file for tomcat/conf folder in Servlet mapping

You can check in DAP by adding the url to download & you will see the zip file is getting downloaded with multiple threads. J


Prashant Deshpande


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