Resolve Hidden Devices issue.

Resolve hidden network adapters Issue from virtual machines


Today morning I came through an incidence as , on one of server when I tried to open TCP/IP properties and without any change clicked on OK button it has given below error message


This is a Virtual System and this happens when we load an image from your backup. This will sometime cause network connectivity issues, due to the fact that other network adapters will still be configured (hidden) in the device manager which still lock your IP address. This will also cause the issue whereby although you configure the current network adapter (as seen in the Device Manager), no network activity can be achieved. Unfortunately these devices will not show directly in your device manager, so the following steps must be taken.

This can easily be removed by opening the command prompt with administrative access and typing the following command:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
start devmgmt.msc

It will open Device manager window but we need to click à View à Show hidden devices option

This will start the Device Manager. It is important to start the Device Manager from the same command prompt, since it will lose the setting to show the non-present devices. If you open the Device Manager from the Control panel, the hidden devices will not show.

When the Device Manager loads, from the File menu, expand the View and select the Show Hidden Devices option. This will enable and show any old un-used devices in the window. From here, expand the Network Adapters node and you can right click on the devices which are extra and UNINSTALL them accordingly.

After this is done, your network adapter will be free and you can set up the correct network settings. This method of hidden device removal can be used for any type of device. Since this option may come in handy in your daily job.


Prashant Deshpande


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