Configure Website on Remote share…

To configure Websites on Web farm in traditional way we copy all websites on all web servers and configure websites and a synchronization mechanism.

This process requires disk space per server to keep website and the delay of synchronization.

So given a thought can we save the disk space and synch delay and done a RnD by following below steps to overcome all these dependencies

First tried to configure Website from remote share and got below error

After lots of efforts got sucess ..

  1. Share the Websites folder on MASTER server by giving full control to DOMAIN\appuser account
  2. Open Command Prompt ( run as administrator )
  3. Traverse c:\windows\\framework\v.x.xxxxx\ folder


  1. caspol -m -ag 1. -url “file://\\\websites\*” FullTrust

” The Code Access Security POLicy tool enables users and administrators to modify security policy for the machine policy level, the user policy level, and the enterprise policy level. ”

On Master server

  1. now open IIS manager ( Inetmgr )
  2. Click on Website for which we want to configure remote share website
  3. From right panel click on Basic Settings and edit the path of website as

  4. Now click on connect as button and enter domain\appuser account details
  5. Then click on test settings ( ensure all is green )
  6. In website feature panel.. Authentication tab … anonymous authentication should run under domain\appuser account.
  7. Now go in Application Pool tab
  8. Ensure application pool is running under domain\appuser account
  9. Recycle the application pool / reset IIS
  10. Browse the website J

The master server is ready; now follow Step 4 to Step 14 in sequence on all remaining web servers


Prashant Deshpande


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