Customizing Error Message in IIS

Dear All,


As you all know whenever there is any exception on Web server for any site the ERROR messages are thrown from server which are generic message.

For example when any website is not available on server it shows below message

We can configure customized error messages in IIS which can guide the user. Below are the steps which I have used to provide a user friendly message for all those sites which we have removed from live server and configured on local server , when any user tries to those websites he will be shown a pre-configured customized page


1)Open Inet manager



2) Select the website on which we want to configure the message page. And double click on Error pages icon

3) After clicking on Error pages it will open below window which are the generic error codes and its associated error pages

4) Select the error code and click on EDIT button from right panel.

5) From the windows click on Respond with a 302 redirect Absolute URL and provide the URL from where it will pick up the customize message page

That’s all

Now whenever your will try for any URL which is not present on server he will get




Prashant Deshpande



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