Excel Formulas and CPU usage

Dear All,

Today one of Business Analyst was working on a excel file of size 2 mb and the sheet is full of formulas in it.

As the excel sheet is full of formulas it was utilizing 90% and above CPU so the Business analyst was not able to work on the computer or in the excel file.

The Business Analyst is using D330UT system so he and others are also telling that as the system is very old it will consume high CPU for Heavy formula files and changing the system is the only way-out.

I was sure though excel formula is CPU hungry, when office 2007 is getting installed on that system it means it supports the configuration

To overcome the HIGH CPU usage by the Excel file following settings has been worked.

We need to Turn off the automatic calculation

Office Button –>Excel Options —>Formulas–>Set to Manual

The as the settings configured the Business Analyst was very happy as CPU usage went to 10%.



Prashant Deshpande





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