Copying files from GAC ( c:\windows\assembly)

Dear All

It is really painful to copy files from GAC (Global Assembly Cache) usually located at C:\WINDOWS\assembly. If you right click on any of the assemblies in the folder you only get the option to view properties and to uninstall that assembly. But sometimes it happens that you have no other option other than copying it from GAC. Here I have simple workaround applying which you can copy the assemblies from the GAC.  
Here’s how to do that

  1. From Start Menu >> Run, then type cmd press Enter. This launches command prompt.
  2. In the command prompt type the following command

    subst P: C:\windows\Assembly

The above command creates a virtual drive “P” which maps to the folder C:\Windows\Assembly . Note if your Assembly folder path is different do change that path in the command.

Now open MyComputer and then the drive “P”. Now you do all the operations that you do on the normal filesystem.

Now if you ever wanted to remove the drive “P” then run the following command in the command prompt


The above command removes the virtual drive associated to the GAC. 


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