Configure Database Mail in SQL server 2008

Database Mail

First setup database mail with a profile named SQLAlerts. The profile can be named anything but in these instructions, the profile name SQLAlerts is referenced. If you wish to use a different profile name just substitute accordingly. For procedures in setting up database mail

Define Operator

Connect to the instance using Microsoft SQL Management Studio

Double Click SQL Server Agent

Right Click on Operators and select New Operator

Specify an operator Name, E-mail name, and click OK

Setup SQL Agent Settings

Right Click SQL Server Agent > select Properties

Select Alert System in the left pane

  • Checkmark > Enable mail profile
  • Verify Mail system: Database Mail
  • Verify Mail Profile: SQLAlerts
  • Checkmark > Include body of e-mail in the notification message
  • Click OK.

Restart SQL Agent to activate settings.

Warning: Restarting SQL Agent will cancel any executing jobs.

Define Alert

This sample alert will send an email when TEMPDB database gets larger than 0 KB. This setting is set zero so the alert can be tested. Once verified, you will need to update its settings to a reasonable amount or disable it.

Right Click Alerts and select New Alert

On the General pane specify

  • Name: TEMPDB Growing
  • Type: SQL Server performance condition alert
  • Object: SQLServer:Databases
  • Counter: Data File(s) (KB)
  • Instance: tempdb
  • Alert if counter: rises above
  • Value: 0

Click Response in left pane

  • Checkmark > Notify operators
  • Checkmark > E-mail for the operator

Click Options in left pane

  • Checkmark > Include alert error text in E-mail
  • Delay between response: 2 minutes

Click OK

Verify Alert is Working

The operator should receive an e-mail if not see the troubleshooting section.

Open the Alert. Click History in the left pane.

The fields are updated when the alert is triggered.





Prashant Deshpande


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