Microsoft Community Clips Tool


Capture All Desktop Activities with Community Clips

Community Clip, is released by Microsoft Office Lab. Community Clip is free software by which you can capture all your desktop activities with keystrokes and audio .After installing Community Clip it adds an option in Office ribbon as well as in system tray.Community Clips is product from Office Labs so I think it would work with Microsoft Office. Community Clips can be used in capturing a part of desktop or full window for preparing your demos, or for recording the Bugs reproduction as you want to show the bugs in action or you can use it for narration for adding audio to your PPTs so as to make a video of your PPTs as you explain each slide. There are many uses of it.

How to use Community Clips?

  • Download and install community clips.
  • Launch it from System tray icon or from office ribbon

Start capturing the screen.

When you done with capturing the screen you can save the video or upload video to Soapbox or email to your friend. To upload and for email you need to have windows live or hotmail email account.

Download Community Clip



Prashant Deshpande


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