Remove Mailboxes from exchange server 2007 for corrupted Domain

Dear All

As the Branch Domain controller had some issues, so the users of that domain had to be freshly created on other child domain FS which has resolved the login issue for the users in domain and Pop3 account was configured for them, they were able to send the emails. As the mailboxes are present on exchange server, all the emails for those users are collected by exchange server and those users were unable to receive emails which was a major issue.

As exchange server mailboxes were already created for old child domain so when we were trying to delete these mailboxes in exchange server, it was trying to contact the old child domain controller. Due to some issues in the old child domain controller it was unable to contact it and we were not able to delete those mailboxes from exchange server.

So I tried by restoring System State Backup on another server but as the hardware configuration mismatched the windows 2003 OS crashed after restoring system state backup . Tried the same for multiple times with multiple systems.

Then I thought that, as users are logging from new child domain and exchange server is also not able to contact the old child domain why don’t we remove the child domain entry from forest.

SO I then copied ADSIedit from Support Tools folder of windows 2003 CD and pasted it in c:\windows of root domain controller of forest with enterprise admin and schema admin rights . To use adsiedit tool we need to register the adsiedit.dll as

(I am not including the screen shots for security reasons)

Start -> run -> regsrv32 adsiedit.dll


Start -> run -> adsiedit.msc

Step 1

Explore the tab CN=configuration from left panel

Explore CN=Sites and from the specific site Select CN=servers tab

Here delete domain controller name of the old child domain

Step 2

Explore the tab CN=configuration from left panel

Explore CN=partitions you will see two records ( one is DNS , other is active directory partion ) for each of the Domain present in forest, delete both the records for the old child domain.

 After few minutes it will get replicated to the complete forest and automatically all the mailboxes associated to that domain will be removed from exchange server and even when we press ALT + CTRL + DEL, to login, you will not see the old child domain name in the Domain List  :).

Please use ADSIedit carefully as it explores all Schema data of Forest


Prashant Deshpande



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