Tweaks to make Login Fast in Domain

Dear All

Today faced one problem that some of the systems were taking time at “Applying Computer Settings “ after specifying Login Credentials in Domain environment. so searched on many blogs and forums and found that it happens because of Group policy , but at my end no such scenario of group policy.
So done a little R & D as follows
Procedure executed

Step 1) Start –> Control panel –> Network Connections

Step 2) Advanced Menu –> Advanced settings

Step 3) go in Provider Order Tab

Step 4) move Microsoft Windows network to Upside
Step 5) now in services stop “ Web Client “ service and make it manual
Step 6) now close the Msoutlook.
Step 7) Start run  c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office12\scanpst.exe
Step 8 ) provide the path of PST file (currently configured as data file)
Step 9) wait till PST scan gets complete
Now every thing is ok and from next time PC will boot Fast


Prashant Deshpande



  1. Prashant,
    I am not clear with the process you explained, me it was not logical to understand two things you suggested to resolve this issue..
    (1) Changing the the order in which computer accesses the information on the network.. This step does not affect the boot process.. I mean, it might.. !! I think this might only happen if it’s a DNS issue..If you’re pointing any domain computers to external DNS or have multiple DCs and set up forwarding on the DC’s.
    (2) scanning .pst file..The Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe) is designed to help repair problems that are associated with personal folder (.pst) files..How is this going to help boot time ?

    This just keeps getting stranger and stranger by the minute.

    it may be a DNS issue. Ensure you’re not pointing any domain computers to external DNS
    servers–they should just be pointing to your DC’s, and set up forwarding on
    the DC’s.

    • Hi Umesh
      Thanks for your comment, actually when we logon in any domain environment when we enter username and password first it contacts to Active Directory for credentials and then from Active Directory the SID of User is given to the system and then in local system if the SID entry is available then it will start loading the users profile associated to that SID, along with the group policy settings applied from Active Directory server.
      In my scenario Group policy was not the issue still it was getting delayed while applying computer settings because of delayed retrieval of user profile from HKCU in which the outlook profile is configured and I agree the scan PST is used to check the errors in PST file, in my case the PST file size is also larger so I suggested to go for SCANPST.

      In the login process first the computer looks for network providers list and its preferences. By default it is “Microsoft terminal Services “. Here if we change the order to “Microsoft Windows Network “. It will defiantly optimize network connections.
      Of course the doubt you have about DNS issue is also correct but in my case the tweaks that used by me have resolved the delayed login.
      Thanks again for your valuable comment

    • Hi Sir
      Thanks for your comment , Please follow the steps in Windows 7.
      go to the Network and Sharing Center, click on Change adapter settings, and then press the alt key to show the menu bar, go to Advanced, and finally, Advanced Settings.


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