Steps to configure monitoring on database server

Dear All

Please do follwoing steps to configure monitoring on database server
1) Install 7zip on Db server
2) Add path c:\program files\7-zip in environment variable
3) Open enterprise Manager and then open SQL query Analyser
see to it that database name is MASTER
4) Open create tables.txt file and copy all the things and paste it in query analyser
paste it and press F5 key
5) To the same from read write logs.txt file ( copy till **** and execute then repeat the same till below **** for several times )
6) See to it that in MASTER database foloowing Stored procedures are created
7) schedule the job in sql enterprise manager for SP_CheckForBlocking after each 2 mins
7) upload server_mon.rar to e:\ and extract it on e:\
it should be e:\server_mon
8) Change email_to field ( email address in new_alert.vbs )
before this see to it taht SMTP service is inatlled in IIS and running , Configured
9) schedule the task writelogs for e:\server_mon for every 3 mins
10) In Enterprise Manager right click on ” local ” select properties
11) click on processor tab
12) increase the SQL worker threads from 255 to 800 / 900 as per CPU and RAM availabel on server
13) click on boost sql server priority on windows button
14) check video for AWE configuration
15) increase network packet size from sql query analyser
sp_configure ‘network packet size (B)’ , 6144
sp_configure ‘min memory per query (KB)’, 2048
16) restart SQL server

Download Required files

Prashant Deshpande


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