Session break from ASP.Net State Server

Dear All

Today i came across one fact that when we implement Web Farm and
configure ASP.Net State werver to handle Sessions , If  web server is
utilising CPU near to 100% OR state server is near to 100% CPU  Usage
then Session can break in two ways
1) the web server which si utilising near to 100% will reject the
session commin from State Server
2) State Server will reject session if it is near to 100% CPU Usage
This is because by default 10 seconds is the time period for session
management between web server and ASP.Net State Server,
We can overcome this by doing following settings
1) In State Server
                  a)  Stop the ASP.NET state server service.
                  b)  Click Start, click Run, type Regedt32.exe, and
then click OK to start Registry Editor.
                  c) Locate the following key in the registry:
         Add a DWORD value that is named SocketTimeout.
and set to 30 ( means 30 seconds)

2) In web.config of all web servers  add
           stateNetworkTimeout="30"    ( 30 is equl to State server
Sockettimeout value)

 This will; increase the session managemnet time from 10 seconds to 30
secs which will overcome the Session breaking.


Prashant Deshpande