Dear All

Please find here with the Server Event Logs Senderscripts

When any server goes down , after restart we use to take remote of that server and then read the event logs for getting shutdown causes

here is the attached rar file which contains following Files

1)BackupEvt.vbs :- which will take backup of all Event logs

2) Create_rar.bat :- which will make zip of the backup of event log taken by BackupEvt.vbs

3) SendevtLog.vbs :- which will send the Zip of event log backup

4)Writeeventlogs.vbs :-write event logs in Text file

Detailed procedure of configuring

  Folder structure to be available

   c:\Scripts :-> wil contains all Scripts

  c:\evtlogs :- will be used for writing logs

  d:\zip :- will be used to store backup of event logs in RAR format

  1) In task schedular configure a task for writeeventlogs.vbs whcih will be getting called after every 24 hrs

  2)See to it that server/ System has installed 7-Zip and path includes it

  3) Strat -> Run –> gpedit.msc

    In computer Configuration –> Windows Settings –> Scripts –> Startup

specify the two scripts 1) Writeeventlogs.vbs

                                   2) SendevtLog.vbs

after this configuartion whenever that system / Server will get restarted it will send email notification along with the backup of event logs in RAR format to the email ids present in sendevtlogs.vbs ( change email ids as per requirement )



 Prashant Deshpande